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Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology with Dr. Jin Peh in May in Potsdam


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The “Four Pillars of Destiny” are used to explain certain things and events in live. They may help to appraise the strength and

vocation of a person, to find an appropriate work, as well as assess and understand a business partner and the partner you life with. In addition to this, health problems and disharmonies of a system can be detected. In this seminar Dr. Jin Peh provides advanced methods for the interpretation of Chinese astrology that are well beyond the simple interpretation.


Dr. Jin Peh graduated his medical studies in Western Australia in 1996. He went to Taipei, Taiwan in 2000 and studied classical Mandarin there and completed his training in Feng Shui with Chen Chien Lee, a well-known Feng Shui Master in Taiwan. From 2005 to 2011, Dr. Jin Peh wrote the Feng Shui column for Hong Kong’s largest English language newspaper, the “South China Morning Post”. During this time, Dr. Jin Peh started to study the “Four Pillars of Destiny” under the direction of Ms. Lily Chung began. Together with her, he published the famous books, “Four Pillars of Destiny Discover: Your Code To Success” and “Four Pillars of Destiny Finding: Your Life Partner”.

The training is a 5-day intensive course and has never been taught in Germany before like this.


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Chinese Astrology

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