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Our Motivation

Our motivation

Feng Shui for everybody!

If you are studying this website you are very likely to have one of the following intentions:

  • You are interested in a getting Feng Shui consultation
  • You would like to become Feng Shui consultant
  • You are already a Feng Shui consultant

You might also have come across this website by entering the word “Feng Shui” at Google or any other internet search engine.

No matter which search engine you have chosen you will probably have received numerous results including offers to become a Feng Shui consultant, various online shops selling so-called “Feng Shui items”, psychological tests in woman’s magazines as well as hotels being designed following Feng Shui principles or recommendations for books or websites of Feng Shui consultants themselves.

As you might have realized, there is a huge market and it is very difficult not to get confused. On this website we would like to help you to survive in this jungle and to find exactly what you are looking for.

You are interested in getting a Feng Shui consultation…

…but you don’t know how to find a consultant who exactly meets requirements?

Then we invite you to read our article on how to choose the right consultant. Here you will learn in an easy and detailed way what criteria to watch for when choosing a consultant.

If you already know something about Feng Shui and are looking for a consultation we recommend that you make use of our search engine for consultants. This engine helps you to find a consultant in your vicinity or the consultant working according to the Feng Shui School you are looking for.

You would like to become a Feng Shui consultant yourself…

…but don’t know which formation fits the best to your requirements and ideas?

Have a look on to our articles on training. Here we present various Feng Shui Schools and methods. You get detailed information for free and if you like you can even contact any school you prefer.

You are already a Feng Shui consultant…

…and would like to have a close exchange of information with colleagues or would like to discuss certain cases ?

In this case you are highly recommended to become member in our association. We deliver the ideal platform to exchange ideas, wishes and experiences and furthermore get useful support from experienced colleagues.