Membership subscription scale – IFSA Germany e.V.

Membership subscription scale

Membership subscription scale IFSA Germany e.V.

On the General Meeting of the IFSA Germany on the 14.09.2012 the following membership subscription scale was decided upon:

§ 1 Subscriptions

Memberships Annual subscription Monthly subscription
a) Corporate Member 318,00 € 26,50 €
b) Ordinary Member 228,00 € 19,00 €
c) Associate Member 158,00 € 13,17 €
d) Sustaining Member 228,00 € 19,00 €
e) Honorary Member 0,00 € 0,00 €

Every natural person as well as legal entity will be charged an one-off admission fee of 48.00 Euro.

§ 2 Maturity / method of payment

The membership subscription is due by the 1st of January of each respective year or with the acceptance of the membership application. Only in exceptional cases and upon previous request natural persons are allowed to pay the annual subscription on a monthly basis. Members joining the Association during the year pay a fee that is calculated pro rata from the month of membership.

    1. Payment of membership fees/ handling in case of late payment: The membership fee of members living in Germany will be debited directly by direct debit through the direct debit authorization system upon prior notice from the member’s account. In the case of back posting due to an account shortfall or a wrongly conveyed account number the chargeback fees have to be paid by this member. The reminder fee for the 1. reminder is 5.00 €, for the 2. it is 10 €.
    2. For members living abroad it is only possible to pay a yearly contribution. The fee for an international credit transfer has to be paid by the member.
    3. For the transfer please use the following account:
      Bank: Volksbank Bad Saulgau eG
      Account number: 82 888 000
      Bank code number: 650 930 20
      IBAN: DE98650930200082888000

      Please don’t forget to indicate your membership number and your name for each transfer

§ 3 Termination of a membership because of delayed payment

In case a member is late in paying for at least 3 month even if being reminded 2 times the Association is entitled to exclude this member without prior notice. The letter of expulsion will be send to the address given to the Association by the member. It is at the discretion of the Executive Committee to sue the member for the still outstanding fees or to let it rest.