Corporate Membership – IFSA Germany e.V.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

  • Open to corporate entities being a full member with a voting right like Feng Shui agencies, offices or educational organizations as long as they meet the standard given by the IFSA Singapor.
  • Corporate Members may use the website of the IFSA Germany e.V. to publish their own events.
  • Each Corporate Member is entitled to send up to a maximum of 2 representatives to be present at the Association’s functions at members’ rates. Each Corporate Member is entitled to exercise one voting right in the affairs of the Association and use the letters ‘CIFSA’. Each Corporate Member shall be eligible to nominate one representative who is of legal age, from their agency/ consultancy or educational organization to hold office in the Association.


When applying for a membership please take the following aspects into account:

  • Every natural person and legal entity may apply for a membership.
  • All membership applications have to be addressed in written form to the executive committee and shall be decided upon by them.
  • All members shall promote the aims of the Association according to their possibilities and have to contribute the membership fee as determined by the rules on membership fees until the termination of their membership.
  • All members have to act according to the statutes of the Association and according to those the Association adapted from IFSA Singapore.
  • The executive committee is entitled to expel or refused individual members.


Corporate Members of IFSA Germany



Petra Coll Exposito

is actually the only Feng Shui consultant having a the internationally recognized titel “Master” living in Germany. She was granted this title from the International Feng Shui Association in Singapore because of her long experience in working with Feng Shui and vast knowledge of this science. A long time ago already she founded the Feng Shui Institute of Excellence in order to maintain a high quality Feng Shui training. She is a successful Feng Shui consultant working worldwide.

Phone: +49 (0) 33201 457688



Represented by: Manfred Kubny

Phone:+49 (0) 176 247 54 357