Ordinary Membership – IFSA Germany e.V.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership

  1. Open to any natural person of legal age.
  2. Members need to have at least a three years’ comprehensive experience in Feng Shui practice and free of criminal records.
  3. Ordinary members are entitled to vote in the affairs of the Association and have the rght to use the letters “Premium Member IFSA Germany e.V.”
  4. They shall be eligible to hold office in the Association.
  5. Members will be recorded in the list of consultants of the IFSA Germany e.V.


When applying for a membership please take the following aspects into account:

  1. Every natural person and legal entity may apply for a membership.
  2. All membership applications have to be addressed in written form to the executive committee and shall be decided upon by them.
  3. All members shall promote the aims of the Association according to their possibilities and have to contribute the membership fee as determined by the rules on membership fees until the termination of their membership.
  4. All members have to act according to the statutes of the Association and according to those the Association adapted from IFSA Singapore.
  5. The executive committee is entitled to expel or refused individual members.

Ordinary Members of IFSA Germany



Anke Hommer

Anke Hommer is owner and manager of DESIGN & ENERGY. Ssince 2006 she is trained and qualified Feng Sui consultant. Following the principles of classical Feng Shui she designs rooms and other spaces for companies and individuals. Furthermore, she is speaker of the BDIA (Bund der Deutschen Innenarchitekten) on Feng Shui.

Phone: +49 (0) 171 / 788 49 81
E-Mail: anke.hommer@design-and-energy.de
Website: www.design-energy.de


Gerd Mertens

Works as a freelance health and nutritional adviser and since 2002 also as an internationally well-trained and recognized Feng Shui consultant and well-educated geobiologist with an emphasis on analysing private property, building plot and sleep place and finding remedies for different problems. Cooperation in the association council of IFSA Germany Chapter e.V.

Phone: +49 (0) 5207 / 515 93 98
E-Mail: post@mertenslipp.de
Website: www.reich-an-gesundheit.de


Markus Jung

Phone: +49 (0) 8035 5079969
E-Mail: info@lebensenergie-forum.de


Elisabeth Kurkowski

Elisabeth Kurkowski ist zertifizierte Feng-Shui Beraterin nach IFSA Standard und berät Privat- und Geschäftskunden schwerpunktmäßig in Berlin-Brandenburg aber auch auf Bundesebene sowie international. Im Anschluss an ihre Bankausbildung und ihr politikwissenschaftliches Studium in Deutschland und den USA arbeitete sie fast zwanzig Jahre im Personalwesen der Deutschen Bank AG. Ihre Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte lagen dabei in der Personalkommunikation sowie Organisations- und Personalentwicklung. Heute verknüpft sie, insbesondere für Firmenkunden, die Beratung für Veränderungen im Raum mit denen der Veränderungsbegleitung für Personen, Teams und Gruppen (Change Management). Elisabeth Kurkowski zeichnet sich durch eine kundenorientierte, einfühlsame sowie analytische Beratungskompetenz aus. Sie spricht fließend Englisch und berät auch internationale Kunden.

Phone: +49 (0) 162 / 2741882
E-Mail: lisakurkowski@aol.com


Pablo Rico Perez

Pablo Rico has been a Feng Shui consultant since 2008 and is an ordinary member of IFSA Germany. A working architect since 1988, he holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Environmental Studies and is an expert in Bioconstruction and Geobiology. He obtained his Architecture PhD from the University of Seville with a doctoral thesis entitled “Architectural Composition Systems based on the Cosmic Order; Continuance in Oriental Architecture” based on the application of Feng Shui in Architecture and Urban Planning, achieving the maximum grade with distinction. He also holds an Executive MBA. Pablo Rico combines and exploits the synergies of Feng Shui and sustainability principles in Architecture and Urban Planning to create architectural spaces that improve people’s health, wellbeing and prosperity. He is available for consultations and projects both in Spain and internationally.

Phone: +34 (95) 954 22 85 83
E-Mail: pablorico@aloima.com
Website: www.fengshuipablorico.com/


Doreen Frei

Doreen Frei ist zertifizierte Feng Shui-Beraterin und ordentliches Mitglied der IFSA Germany. Seit 2010 ist Sie als professionelle Beraterin für Privat- und Geschäftskunden tätig. Abgerundet wird ihr Fachwissen durch Kenntnisse in Raumgestaltung und Innenarchitektur, die sie in einem Fernstudium erworben hat. Sie bietet zudem regelmäßig Vorträge zu verschiedenen Feng Shui-Themen an, die allen Interessierten einen Einblick in die Vielseitigkeit und tiefgehende Wirksamkeit dieser Lehre geben sollen.

Phone: +49 (0) 01573 / 5151780
E-Mail: info@frei-fengshui.de
Website: www.frei-fengshui.de


Armen Shatvoryan

Practicing Architect, Founder of Architecture Workshop “Ashatar”, has been studiying and practiing Fend Shui since 2000 (professionally since 2006). Holds PhD in Architecture, Associate Professor at Department of “Architectural Projecting and Design of Architectural Environment” at National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. Now holds the position of Vice Dean of Architecture Faculty at NUACA. Author of the concept of “Multidimensional Architecture”. Member of Union of Architects and Union of Designers of Armenia. Certified in Third Level of Reiki.

Phone: +374 91 226897
E-Mail: fengshuiam@gmail.com
Website: www.fengshui.am


Yee Lon Li

Yee Lon Li is working as a freelance architect since 2002. In 2011 she successfully completed her studies in Feng Shui, 4 Pillars and I-Ching with Grand Master Raymond Lo. She is specialized in making the harmony in people and in space, as well as in the design and planning of home and living environment with the influence of man.

E-Mail:  info@klassikfengshui.com
Website: www.klassikfengshui.com


Yohan Suyangg Kawidharmo

E-Mail: fengshuiindonesia@gmail.com


Caroline Wolff

is a certified specialist translator for technical texts and worked as an interpreter among others for Great Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai and Raymond Lo sowie Meister Yap Boh Chu. Since 2004 she is studying Feng Shui on an international basis.



Stine Holland

Lange Zeit in der naturwissenschaftlichen und medizinischen Forschung tätig, erfolgte 2011 der nebenberufliche Einstieg ins Feng Shui Studium. Mittlerweile ist Stine Holland hauptberuflich als Feng Shui Beraterin aktiv, sowie Workshop Dozentin beim Feng Shui Institut of Excellence. Mitarbeit als Administrator der Facebook Präsenz vom IFSA Germany e.V.

Phone: +49 (0)341 8604887
E-Mail: kontakt@raum-und-sein.de
Website: www.raum-und-sein.de

Sabine Kullak

Sabine Kullak

During her 6 years long stay in China, Sabine Kullak has studied Chinese Life Sciences and experienced their function and significance in daily life. Sabine has graduated from Grand Master Raymond Lo’s School for Feng Shui & Destiny, Hong Kong, and has succesfully delivered consultations and trainings for Western and Asian audiences over years. Her label Self Element stands for professional Feng Shui and Ba Zi Suan Ming Services for both corporate and private clients.

Phone: +49 (0)151 2533 0911
E-Mail: mail@selfelement.com
Website: www.selfelement.com


Barbara Lemke

Phone: +49 (0) 9191 9779699
E-Mail: barbara.lemke@icloud.com


Eula Petronescu

Phone: +49 (0) 8704 9291298
E-Mail: eula1@gmx.de