International Feng Shui Convention on 26 and 27/11 2016

International Feng Shui Convention on 26 and 27/11 2016

Every year at the International Feng Shui Convention in Bangkok, renown Feng Shui masters and grandmasters from all over the world meet. The hosts were the International Feng Shui Association Singapore together with its subsidiaries, the national Associations Germany Chapter and Australia Chapter. The German Chapter of the Feng Shui Associationwas represented by its President Petra Coll Exposito and some members. Thus, they had the opportunity to listen to many interesting lectures and learn many new things inthe field of Feng Shui.


Petra Coll Exposito wrote a detailed report about the Convention. Please check at

Have fun reading.

Feng Shui in Spain

Feng Shui in Spain

One of our members, Mr. Pablo Rico Pérez, a reknown architect as well as Feng Shui consultant, worked on a project according to the guidelines of the classical Feng Shui, which he would like to present as a display model to IFSA Germany and the visitors of this website. You will read about a complex and elaborate reconstruction of an old house for a family of 4 with rooms for a Reiki, Shiatsu and acupuncture practice. The conversion took almost a whole year. The records are very detailed, almost every single step has been described. We invite you to take the time and explore the presentation of our member Mr. Pablo Rico Pérez. Here everyone can learn the consultant just like the customer.


Great Grandmaster Raymond in Berlin in September

Great Grandmaster Raymond in Berlin in September

Last chance to get great knowledge, plus an extra 20 % off for members of IFSA

The Feng Shui Institute of Excellence is happy to announce that they were once more able to win  for their new seminar series of Chinese astrology and I-Ching the expert in this area, Great Grandmaster Raymond Lo. It is very likely that this will be the last time.

Students will benefit from his long experience and from his authentic and deep knowledge. He is respected the world over and one of the most sought-after consultants in this area. He is a lecturer at the Hong Kong University and has published many books and wrote columns in prestigious newspapers. In numerous TV appearances his predictions in the economic, political and social field were presented to the  public .
For more information, please see education

Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology with Dr. Jin Peh in May in Potsdam


Members get 10% discount

The “Four Pillars of Destiny” are used to explain certain things and events in live. They may help to appraise the strength and

vocation of a person, to find an appropriate work, as well as assess and understand a business partner and the partner you life with. In addition to this, health problems and disharmonies of a system can be detected. In this seminar Dr. Jin Peh provides advanced methods for the interpretation of Chinese astrology that are well beyond the simple interpretation.


Dr. Jin Peh graduated his medical studies in Western Australia in 1996. He went to Taipei, Taiwan in 2000 and studied classical Mandarin there and completed his training in Feng Shui with Chen Chien Lee, a well-known Feng Shui Master in Taiwan. From 2005 to 2011, Dr. Jin Peh wrote the Feng Shui column for Hong Kong’s largest English language newspaper, the “South China Morning Post”. During this time, Dr. Jin Peh started to study the “Four Pillars of Destiny” under the direction of Ms. Lily Chung began. Together with her, he published the famous books, “Four Pillars of Destiny Discover: Your Code To Success” and “Four Pillars of Destiny Finding: Your Life Partner”.

The training is a 5-day intensive course and has never been taught in Germany before like this.


Date etc: see training


A one-day tutorial with Dr. Stephen Skinner- Advanced Flying Star

Advanced Flying Star – A One Day Tutorial with Dr. Stephen Skinner

October 23rd at Shanghai Marriot Hotel Parkview

This one day pre-IFSC tutorial picks up from the workshop held in Melbourne last year. Once again it will focus on where Flying Star, Eight Mansion and other techniques fit into the whole practice of feng shui and sharpen your current understanding and practice.

One of the problems with the Western reception of feng shui is that the subject appears to be a series of unconnected formulae. This is quite the reverse of the Chinese view, where everything (be it TCM, face reading, divination, astrology, geography or feng shui), all have their roots in the same archetypal theories of yin yang, 5 Elements, 8 trigrams or 12 Branches.

Sadly the teaching of feng shui in the West has often chopped up the subject into bite sized pieces and the connecting links are not always taught.

However once you discover the information that bridges the gaps in your knowledge and gives you the historical and conceptual background that ties it all together, then you will better understand the logic behind each part of the techniques.

Course Outline:

Please note that if time does not allow us to reach all topics then they will be carried forward to the next tutorial.

* •The importance of the Central Palace
* •How to use cross-Palace formulae
* •The T’an Lang Stars
* •The 6 ‘Matters’
•* Period change –& utilizing it
* •The Keys to Timeliness
* •Interpreting Visiting Stars
* •Corrections and Remedies
* •Water Formulae associated with Flying Stars
* •Special Chart Configurations
* •Locked Stars and how to release them
* •Fan Yin and Fu Yin
* •The common origin of Eight Mansions and Flying Star techniques
* •Reconciling Eight Mansion conflicts with Flying Star configurations
•* How Flying Star relates to the landscape
•* The real significance of fu wei, the ‘bowing position’
•* Why sector 2 and 3 Flying Star charts actually have different configurations under some conditions
* What to do with void line properties
* •More detail on Substitute Stars
* •Other original formulas from Shen Chu Reng
*•The ’30 Problems’ illustrating Shen’s methods of analysis
* •The relationship between ch’’i and water
* •How to convert sha ch’’i to strong usable ch’’i
* •How to make an end T-junction property prosperous
* •Formulas from a master’s Ch’ing (Qing) dynasty manuscript handbook
* •Why pie-chart Palace division does not show the real positioning of the 9 Stars

Course Details:

Date: Friday 23rd of October 2015

Time: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Coffee will be served at 9.30 am.

Price: $398 – (this applies to both Australian and Singapore dollars)

Venue: Shanghai Marriot Hotel Parkview, Lecture Room 3

Enquiries & Bookings: email

International Feng Shui Convention 2015

International Feng Shui Convention 2015


Dear IFSA Members

I wish to inform you that as IFSA member, you are receiving this piece of information regarding IFSC 2015 before the general feng shui community.

The International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) 2015 had been set to take place in Shanghai, China this year.  The event will open for registration starting 23 Jun 2015 (Tue) via, please see below some details of the event for your reference:

Event:                   International Feng Shui Convention (IFSC) 2015

Dates:                   24 – 25 October 2015

Venue:                 Marriott Shanghai Hotel Parkview, Shanghai

Tentative event programme is available on both the Convention website and IFSA website, do note that the programme is tentative and will be updated from time to time.

This year, we managed to secure special airfare as well as special hotel rate for all participants, more of these details can be found on the official IFSC 2015 website as indicated above.

Please feel free to register for the event and should you have any question, you may email for more information.



Kong Yeean Leng

IFSA Secretariat


Eine Anregung von IFSA Germany:

Eines unserer Mitglieder (Katrin Krajcy, Inhaberin des Sonnenklar Reisebüros) hat für die Teilnehmer des IFSC 2015 spezielle Resieangebote zusammengestellt:

  • Vorprogramm: Die Gärten Chinas (DOWNLOAD)
  • Anschlussprogramm: Shanghai einmal anders (DOWNLOAD)

The “Chinese New Year”

The “Chinese New Year”


The traditional Chinese calendar started in 2637 BC. It is a lunar calendar and follows the phases of the moon. Each month has 29 or 30 days.

The beginning of the New Year is closely connected with rituals of purification. At an astrologically specified day the house is cleaned in order to banish the evil spirits of the past year. In order to keep the luck of the New Year and not to sweep it out of the house with the bamboo branches used for this purpose the house is not cleaned during the New Year’s Day.

These rituals often start already 2 weeks before New Year and cease 2 weeks later with a Lantern Festival. The houses are decorated during this time, in particular the color red predominates. Golden lucky items are placed on the walls.

The god of the kitchen who leaves the house 7 days before the New Year and returns 4 days after the New Year’s Day. In order to avoid that he tells bad stories of the past year people symbolically stuck his mouth with sweet sticky rice. So he can only tell “sweet” things. The inhabitants of the house welcome back the kitchen god with him various fruits, biscuits or tea.

A meal together with the whole family takes place on the last day of the old year. Everybody prays for the souls of ancestors. Again, the color red is used. The children receive gifts of money which is stored in typical red bags, but also tangerines, which are considered as lucky charms. It is important to give them only in even numbers, preferably “8” which is the Chinese lucky number. The fireworks will begin at 23.00 o’clock and the New Year will be let in through the window.

The New Year’s Party ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month with the Lantern Festival. Lanterns are carried through the streets by young men dressed up as dragons and dragon dances will be performed.

Christmas 2014

Finally at the end of the year I have the pleasure to convey the message that our new statues have come into force with immediate effect. This means that also our name has changed into IFSA – Germany Chapter. Therefore, there is nothing anymore standing in the way of a successful development of our branch of the Association in 2015.

Thus our logo and our domain name have been changed, but don’t worry, the redirection of our former domain IFSA – Europe will still be maintained.

This year in November the annual Feng Shui congress took place in  Melbourne and was organised by our sister branch, the IFSA Australia. The next annual congress in 2015 will be held in Shanghai on the 24. and 25. October. Soon we will publish a detailed report of the event in November 2014 in Australia on our website.

Actually the Association has a total of 166 members from 22 countries worldwide with memberships constantly increasing. Our Chapter Germany has developed remarkably, we have members from the Netherlands, Spain, Indonesia and Armenia. New inquries coming from France and Russia prove that our efforts and work are perceived internationally.

Another important hint in advance: the website of IFSA Singapore is going to be renewed in a way that all members will appear with their name and their respective country. This is going to mark you as an extraordinary expert on the field of Feng Shui.

But not only the number of members show that Feng Shui is highly appreciated but also the reports of our members prove that they could strengthen their position on the market by impressing existing customers and wining new ones.

Please help to spread the word of our Association and invite your friends to like our face book page or decide to actively participate within the Association.

All that remains now is to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas with all my heart and a happy New Year with lots of luck and success. May prosperity come from all directions.

The fundamentals of Flying Star Feng Shui by Ulrich Wilhelm Lippelt, Part 6

The facing direction is considered as the second basis of the Flying Star Feng Shui. The facing stars and mountain stars are derived from the facing direction. The most powerful energies enter the building from this direction. All energies of the environment enter the house through all open spaces, windows, and doors.  They interact with the energies of the time stars and influence our well-being and destiny. It is important to find out which one is the most powerful energy since of course, it influences our life the most.  In order to find out we have to define the facing direction of a building or a separate part of it. The facing direction results from the following 3 factors:


  1. The direction which allows an extensive and undisturbed view onto the environment. Land that is lower or a wide open area contains more energy than an area that is restricted by mountains, tall trees or buildings. More energy can enter a building from such a direction.
  2. Energy can only enter a building if there are holes like windows or doors. How much energy finally intrudes depends on the number and dimensions of the holes.
  3. The direction out of which the energy enters the building and can easily spread into the centre of the building is the dominant one.





In the example we see an apartment in a skyscraper. In the east it borders on to another apartment, thus the energy from this direction can only enter via the entrance door. Since the entrance door is closed most of the time very little energy will come into the apartment from the eastern direction. In the south there is another house nearby and again very little energy can come from this direction. In the north and the west of the apartment there is a wide and free area, consequently both directions can be considered as facing direction. From both directions a lot of energy can enter the apartment. They actually compete with each other. However, the energy from the north can easily enter the apartment and reach its centre and then spread from there throughout the entire apartment. We consider this direction as being dominant and thus the facing direction of the apartment.



The energy of the surroundings of a building can enter the building via a hole out of many different directions. In order to determine the facing direction, which of course is the most powerful energy, we have to use the compass and measure as shown below.




The 3 examples above clearly show that the energy entering the house in a rectancular angle (example A) is the most powerful. In example (B) we can see that the energy entering the house is much less powerful. In example (C) a common practice is shown. Here the entrance door is tilted to a certain angle in order to obtain a better facing direction. Very often this can be observed in main shopping streets in Asian cities, shop owners tilt the entrance door of their shops in order to tap into a better facing direction. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bring the results people hope. As we can see in example (C) the energy entering the house through the tilted entrance door is pretty small.




We can see from the example above that the facing direction of an irregular building is parallel to the lateral walls of the building. Only then we get the direction of the most powerful energy.

Only in a rectangular building we can get the facing direction by measuring that side of the house that is turned towards the facing direction of the building.





Example above: The facing direction of the whole department store is north. The shop in the first floor doesn’t have any energetic connection to the department store therefore it has an own facing direction.




Example above: An apartment situated in an upper floor or a shop in the same level can have the same facing direction as the whole building or an own facing direction. In such a case we have to find the direction out of which the most powerful energy enters the apartment or the shop.  We compare the frequency of use and the dimensions of the door through which the apartment or shop is connected energetically to the building to the windows of the apartment or the window and the door of the shop. The result of this comparison gives us the direction out of which more energy enters the apartment/shop.

In case of doubt, we can also use the method that was presented in the second place in the chapter – time factor and that can also be used to determine clearly the facing direction. In most of the cases apartments have their own facing direction since generally more energy enters the apartment by the windows than through the entrance door that is only used from time to time. If however most of the windows of the apartment are on the side on which is the facing direction of the building the apartment has the same facing direction like the building. In general the facing direction of shops is determined by the facing direction of the door since much energy enters the shop through this door as many customers simply walk in and out of the shop.