Only a couple of days to go – IFSA Germany e.V.

Only a couple of days to go

The IFSC convention will take place on the 18. – 19.11.2017 in Manila.

Many well-known and worldwide accepted Masters will meet and give interesting speeches.

One of our Committee Member M. Dr. Manfred Kubny will be the keynote speaker with his speech “The Concept of Qi, its meaning in Traditional Chinese Lifescience and its importance to Feng Shui.”

The President of IFSA Germany, Master Petra Coll Exposito prepared the speech ” Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology“, she will illustrate how to use both systems in a consultation.

Here a small appetizer: We, man and woman, become sick when the 5 elements of our body are out of balance. The same happens when our life becomes chaotic; the 5 elements of our life are then out of balance…..

With this Feng Shui method it is possible to improve the luck of a person by adjusting and using the elements from Chinese Astrology by tuning them exactly for this special person…..

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Only a couple of days to go

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